Wood Moisture Meter KT-506 Induction Wood Moisture Meter

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OfKLORTNERbrandKT-506Wood moisture meter(newProducts on the market) 
★OfKLORTNERbrandKT-506Inductive wood moisture meter,Through simpleOfContact,Rapid measurement of moisture content of various kinds of wood, 
★advancedOfElectromagnetic wave sensing technology can penetrate wood to a depth of50mm,Generate a three-dimensional magnetic field for field measurement。
★The instrument is equipped with low voltage display,Automatically shut down when not in use,It can also be turned off manually。
★Equipped with anti dropping and shockproof rubber sleeve,Effective protection of instruments。
★The appearance of the product is protected by the patent in Chinese mainland.
technical parameter:
1、measuring range :0~60%
2、display:LCDliquid crystaldisplay
3、Density adjustment:300~1000kg/m3(1-6files)
4、Scanning depth:0~50mm
5、resolving power:0.1%

KT-506Type use


●Italy(KT-506)Wood moisture meter,By simple contact,Quick measurement of specific gravity in 300~1000kg/m3betweenOfMoisture content of various kinds of wood,No damage is detectedOfMaterial Science。

●advancedOfElectromagnetic wave sensing technology can penetrate wood to a depth of50mm,Generate a three-dimensional magnetic field for field measurement

amount。therefore,It's very accurateOfWood moisture metersurface。

●The instrument will shut down automatically when it is not in use,It can also be turned off directly。Effective energy saving,Protect the instrument for longer use。

●The instrument is equipped with low voltage display,WhendisplayTop left corner of screendisplayLOBATTime,Remind users andTimereplacePower Supply。

●The instrument is equipped with anti falling and anti vibration protective sleeve,To protect the instrument from damage。

one、Technical indicators                                

1、measuring range 0~60%

2、display: LCDliquid crystaldisplay

3、Density adjustment:


4、Scanning depth: 50mm


6、External dimension: 120×60×26mm, 7、weight:150g

8、Power Supply: 9VBattery

 two、usage method


Air dry density of wood(g/cm3)















Adjust density switch:

1files:Paulownia、Paulownia fortunei、Cryptomeria fortunei、metasequoia、Spruce、fir wood、

Fokienia hodginsii、Korean pine、Abies delavayi 、scaleSpruce、Podocarpus、Huang BOLUO、Pterocarya stenoptera、Mountain pine、Populus davidiana、Poplar、Steamed chicken oil、Pinus thunbergii、Bolai、Big leaf lacquer、Riluodong、Beirut。(~0.45)

2files:Poplar、Forged wood、Pinus massoniana、Pinus yunnanensis、Tilia amurensis、Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica、Larch in Changbai Mountain、Pinus tabulaeformis、hemlock spruce、 Juglans mandshurica、Pterocarya stenoptera、(0.45~0.55)

3files:Willow、Huang BOLUO、Castanopsis fargesii、Sassafras、Toona sinensis、Ulmus macrophylla、Alder、Camphor、Osmanthus fragrans、newLitsea cubeba、Ulmus macrophylla、ginkgo、Keteleeria、Huangqi、Ulmus pumila、Maple、Zhennan、Melia azedarach、rosewood、Schima superba、Platycladus orientalis、Hemlock、ailanthus、Alder、Leucaena leucocephala、Cypress、Five legged pear、Ma xunge、Birds beat hemp、Barrel firewood、Boland、Baida hemp、Jute、Hongchi wood、White pond wood、Huangchi

Acer、Maple、Maple、Dongmu、Durian、Shanlongan、Mazhang、Da Ling、Spring tea、Nine layer cake、Acer negundo。(0.55~0.65)

4files:toothed oak、Chinese chestnut、a birch、Great birch、Larix gmelinii、catalpa 、a manchurian ash、Lotus、red sandalwood、pagoda tree、lauan、Color wood、Qi Mu、teak、Hongzhui、Chongyangmu、nanmu、Baikemu、Gan Ba、Yamanashi、Fiberboard、 Medium density board。(0.65~0.75)

5files:Quercus acutissima、locust、Cyclobalanopsis glauca、locust、Beech、Beech、Betula formosana、Castanea henryi、Red bean、eucalyptus、Black mango、Borneo、Red meat mango、Camphor wood、bamboo clappers。(0.75~0.85)

6files:White shuttle、Cyclobalanopsis Bambusa、Quercus variabilis、Jimu、Ebony、Quercus acutissima、ferreous mesua、Catechu、Wutong、Dalbergia rosea、Xanthoceras bungei、Pistacia chinensis、Lithocarpus acutissima、Dalimu microphylla、Chicken gizzard、Corbicula glabra、litchi、Leptosaurus、Oil mangrove、Youshizi、Songzai、Carmine plum、Garanie、Yisha、Red sandalwood、Single tree。(0.85~) 

●becauseKTone506The penetration depth of the water meter is up to50mm,So the testamountWood thickness less than50mmTime,The Board shall be suspended for measurementamount。

●in accordance with ritualsurfaceLess than zero after power onposition,Please use a small Gong knife to adjust the top of the instrumentZERO (Tree species band upper left)Regulator,The positive value is less than zeroposition,inverseTimeNeedle adjustment,conversely,alongTimeNeedle adjustment。

●The same type of wood in different areasOfDensity can vary widely, KLORTNERIt is suggested that you refer to the drying methodamountChoose the right oneOffilesposition。determinationOfThe moisture value is for reference only。

    Quality assurance regulations

AllKTseriesKLORTNERinstrumentsurfaceAll products are guaranteedoneyear,Within seven days from the date of purchasebecauseProduct qualityamountProblem guaranteed,oneyearInner pairbecauseProduct qualityamountProblems ariseOfTrouble freeMaterial ScienceMaintenance fee and labor repair fee。Beyond warranty periodOfinstrumentsurface,instrumentThe distributor or repairer will be free to charge at their discretiononesetOfcost。

    Limited liability

bookQuality assurance regulationsIt does not include the following situationsOfdamage:

1)becauseThe user did not use the original packaging for transportationKTseriesinstrumentsurfaceOfdamage。

2)By unauthorizedOfPersonnel repair。

3)Failure to complyKLORTNERinstrumentsurfaceRules for use,misunderstand、abusebookinstrumentimplement。

KLORTNERinstrumentsurfaceOnly responsible forbookQuality assurance regulationsinOfMaintenance and exchange services,Not responsible for any sales、Use or notWhenIt is caused by special or accidental accidents during useOfdamage。KLORTNERinstrumentsurfaceNot yetinstrumentimplementdamageJoint and severalOfIncluding tax and loss of profits、Shutdown loss、Equipment functionOfLost as well as any of youOfCustomer requirementsOfSubstitute equipment or service equipmentOfcost。



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