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T-C50Wall and floor moisture meter an instruction manual
one、Scope of application 
JT-C50Wall and floor moisture meter It is the first high-performance product introduced by our company in China with foreign advanced technology、Digital moisture measuring instrument。The instrument is widely used in painting、Floor laying and installation、Floor construction、Building construction、Maintenance of leakage room、Chimney cleaning、Indoor and outdoor decoration and other industries need to quickly measure moisture,as:To the wall、Cement floor、Wall brick、Marble、plasterboard、concrete、Quick determination of moisture content in mud。
two、working principle
The instrument introduces foreign advanced technology and adopts high cycle principle(Principle of electromagnetic induction),That is, the instrument hasoneTwo natural frequencies,The moisture content of the tested object is different,The frequency transmitted into the machine through the sensor is different,twoDifference of frequency comparison,It is converted into digital display by frequency current converter。
three、JT-C50Wall and floor moisture meteran instruction manualInstrument features
1、JT-C50Wall and floor moisture meter,The principle of high cycle wave is adopted,LCD digital display,The probe is integrated with the hostonebody。
2、The instrument is used to measure the wall surface、The moisture content of the ground, etc,No need to be on the wall、Drilling holes on the ground and other measured objects,The moisture content can be determined by gently leaning the inductive probe of the instrument against the surface of the object to be measured,It has no destructive effect on the surface of the measured object。
3、JT-C50Wall and floor moisture meterWide range of moisture measurement、Stable performance、Accurate determination,The method is rapid,oneSeconds。
4、The instrument is small in size、Light weight,It can be carried on site for rapid detection,It is a good helper for the field construction personnel to detect the moisture content。
four、technical parameter
1、Measuring moisture range:0~40%
2、Operating ambient temperature:-5℃~+60℃
3、essence degree:±0.5%
4、response time:1second
5、Display mode:3½positionLCDLCD digital display
6、Scanning depth of electromagnetic wavedegree:50mm 
8、Power Supply:9V(6F22type)Multilayer batteryonesection 
9、body product:160×60×27(mm)
10、heavy amount:about200gram
five、JT-C50Wall and floor moisture meteran instruction manualmatters needing attention
1、The moisture meter is of contact typeamountinstrument,measureamountPremise isinstrumentOfthreeAn inductive probe should be connected with themeasureamountmatterbodyFull contact。
2、measureamountTime,Hold the lower part of the instrument,instrumentOfFuselage andcovermeasureamountmatterKeep parallel,Connect the instrument'sthreeAn inductive probe is gently pressed on the quiltmeasureamountmatterThe surface is enough。
3、Because the high cycle wave has strong penetrability,staymeasureamountcovermeasurematterTime,If there is metal around it, it will cause damagemeasureamountinaccurate。therefore,measureamountTime,There should be no metal or other inductors around the probe of the instrument。 
six、JT-C50Wall and floor moisture meteran instruction manualUse steps
1、Hand held instrument,Do not contact the probecovermeasurematterContact,PressONButton,It is displayed on the LCD00.0±0.5within。asNot in this range,It should be adjusted slowlysectionZero adjustment knob(ZERO),Make the numbers appear in the0±00.5withinthat will do。
2、Hand held instrument,Press the probe gentlystaycovermeasuremattersurface,Display after the number is stableOfThe number iscovermeasurematterOfMoisture value。
3、measureamountSelect the second wall4filesposition;measureamountGround selection section6filesposition。
4、instrumentstaymeasureamountMarble、plasterboard、molded pottery waiting to be baked、Fireproof board, etcOfwater contentTime,Verification is required。exampleasmeasureamountsomecovermeasurematterTime,ThecovermeasurematterThe moisture content of the sample is15%,Then adjustfilespositionDisc untilinstrumentdisplayimplementupperdisplayOfmeasureamountThe data are also samplesOfwater content“15%”,asthisTimeThe disk points to the seventhfiles,After thatmeasureamountThecovermeasurematterChoose the seventhfiles。


5、Replace the battery:WhenZero adjustment knobCan't adjustsectionreach0±00.5withinOr the numbers jump up irregularlyTime,Or in the upper left corner of the displayLOBATTime,Please replace itonesection9V(6F22)Battery。asBatteryyeselectric,openinstrumentFront lid,Take out a small screwdriver and adjust itinstrumentBelowOfSmall copper screw(electricpositionimplement),asIt's positive, it's notreachFatal Frame,inverseTimeNeedle adjustment;On the contrary, it goes with the lawTimeNeedle adjustment。


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